Teachers unions are alienating their supporters

When the mother of a child in a Rhode Island school asked to see the curriculum, she was attacked as an “enemy of the state” (“RI mom says teachers unions treated her like ‘enemy of the state’ after asking about the curriculum,” New York Post Mar. 5).  It’s this kind of reaction that will backfire.

Teachers unions need all the friends they can get.  But they are doing precisely what they shouldn’t.  Parents have every right to examine the curriculum and make their reactions known. If they continue along this line, they will find themselves ostracized.

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One Reply to “Teachers unions are alienating their supporters”

  1. Walt,

    Shouldn’t the sentence beginning ‘If they continue…’ state who will find themselves ostracised?

    If I had a car I’d come pick you up and take you out for an ice cream.

    Dinah Hatton


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