College Board in spotlight over new AP course

When the College Board unveiled its new Advanced Placement African American studies course, it once again found itself the center of controversy (“Skirmish over AP course raises questions – again – about College Board’s mission,” Los Angeles Times, Feb. 20). Long criticized as the gatekeeper for college admissions because of the SAT, this time the subject was more political.

But overall the more important question is whether the College Board has too much power over what is taught in classrooms.  I believe that its main concern is making money rather than expanding access to higher education. In 2020, for example, it earned $779.6 million, with its AP programs alone totaling $448 million.

I’ve written often before about the misuse of standardized testing in general and about the SAT in particular.  The brouhaha over the AP African American course won’t be the last time the College Board finds itself under fire.

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