Apprenticeships are the solution to college debt

Rather than student loan forgiveness for college, it’s time to follow Switzerland, Germany and Austria’s approach to the problem (“The college debt solution: Let kids go to work instead of school,” New York Post, Nov. 19).  They blend work, school and mentorship while paying teenagers a monthly wage.  This combination leads to well-paying jobs without college.

It’s time to face reality: College is not for everyone.  One of four freshmen drops out by the end of the first year, while only two of three get their degree, which for many takes six years. In the meantime, they incur huge debt and no assurance of a decent job.

So many bachelor’s degrees are in fields which lead nowhere. Look at the number of PhDs driving for Uber or working as servers in restaurants. There is no demand for those majoring in Gender Studies and the like.

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