The Montessori method is not for every child

When it comes to education, no single philosophy will please all parents.  As much as the child-centered Montessori method is a good fit for some, it is not for all children (“The Miseducation Of Maria Montessori,” New Yorker, Mar. 3).  Anyone doubting that need only attend the debates raging in this country over the future of education.

I believe that everyone is good at something.  What it is unfortunately does not appear until later on. There are always exceptions to the rule.  Virtuosos, for example, display talent early in their development.  But they are outliers.  Parents base the kind of education they want for their children on a variety of factors.  If they’re lucky, their children flourish and go on to lead gratifying lives.  It’s impossible to predict with certainty if Montessori schools are the right choice.

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