Indoctrination in today’s schools

Workshops for the National Association of Independent Schools’ People of Color Conference provide an insight into the pathology that masquerades as education today (“Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine,” The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 12).  Instead of a curriculum that stands up to objective scrutiny, the workshops seek to inculcate in students the belief that they are victims.

To do so, the three pillars are diversity, inclusion and belonging.  Never mind that students have no foundation at all to determine if what they are learning is justified.  Instead, they must toe the party line or be ostracized.

This indoctrination has permeated not only public schools but private ones as well.  As a result, parents are left with no options, except for homeschooling.  I see no hope in opposing this educational travesty.

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One Reply to “Indoctrination in today’s schools”

  1. Please go watch John Oliver from last night (Feb 20) for his takedown of the Critical Race Theory mis-information campaign by school privatizers.
    NAIS promulgates the agenda for private schools : they prefer the term “independent” to mask the obvious elitism. It’s important to their financial mission (and procurement of vouchers?) to do lip service to “DEI”. (diversity, equity, inclusion to the uninitiated with acronymical double speak). Public schools are mostly already manifesting “DEI” so they don’t need such committees. The People of Color Conference serves as image management for private schools. I’m sorry you’re so resigned to doom and gloom in education, although I think I understand why you feel that way. May I suggest a short stint as a substitute teacher to see how much has changed since you were in the classroom? The world is changing fast and there never was a “good old days”. The USA has an extremely racist and genocidal history as a matter of historical fact. We are also addicted to war. We allow religions to behave as businesses without paying taxes. We allow pyramid schemes! We treat children as objects to be controlled and programmed while we spend more money on incarcerating people forever and ever with no hope of rehabilitation. Because we hate people. We only care about money. We have so much work to do if we want these things to change. Our national myths need some serious critical shaking up. Most of all we still need to learn how to talk and listen to each other to find our common ground. Children are learning how to do this in school far better than many of the leaders they should be able to look up to. That gives me hope for our unknown future. I’m still in the arena.


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