Teachers unions are losing public support

As readers of this column know, I support teachers unions, having been a member of United Teachers Los Angeles (“Randi Weingarten’s attempts to rewrite school-closing history won’t fly,” New York Post, Dec. 28). But that doesn’t mean they are always right.

A case in point is Randi Weingarten.  Her refusal to admit that she pushed for school closings in the face of the pandemic will result in former supporters of teachers unions turning against them. The fact is that parents are lining up to get their children admitted to charter schools, which are union-free for the most part.

If charter schools and religious schools were able to remain open without students being infected, why couldn’t all public schools? That’s the question parents want to know.  I advise Weingarten to admit that she was wrong, rather than try to backpedal on the issue.

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