Pandemic’s one positive side

The National Student Clearinghouse reported that the pandemic has resulted in roughly 727,000 fewer students enrolled in undergraduate programs (“Hunt Is On for High-School Graduates Who Left the College Path,” The Wall Street Journal, June 20).  As a result, colleges are frantically trying to lure them back.

I say this is not the tragedy it is made out to be.  As readers of this column know, I believe we have been wildly oversold on the importance of a college degree for a bright future.  Students who found well-paying jobs are reluctant to quit and go to college because they have seen through the myth.

It will be interesting to compare those students who were accepted at college but decided not to enroll with those who did.  I think what students major in is far more important than mere possession of a degree.  That goes for community colleges as well as for four-year institutions.

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