Critical race theory pushback

Resistance to critical race theory is slowly gaining momentum across the country, as the harm it causes becomes increasingly clear (“The Backlash to Critical Race Theory Is on The Way,” The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, June 11).  Yet the battle remains daunting.

I remain pessimistic because so many people have been bullied into silence out of fear of being called racist.  That’s particularly the case for educators at all levels.  Nothing jeopardizes a career like that.  The irony of this issue is the word “critical” in the title.  If critical thinking is indeed the goal, then it can never be achieved as long as indoctrination prevails.

Parents in K-12 are in a far better position than professors to fight since their jobs are not on the line.  That applies to public, charter, private and religious schools. However, the argument that charter schools do a better job than traditional public schools or private schools in resisting is not true.  Both charter schools and private academies have caved in.

If I were a parent with school-age children, I would look to Catholic schools as the best option.  Overall, they have refused to deviate from a traditional curriculum, despite outside pressure.

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