Dwelling on past injustices hurts Black students

The trouble with critical race theory is that it does little, if anything, to help Blacks students today (“The Miseducation of White Children,” The Nation, June 3). Certain historical milestones are certainly worthy of inclusion in the curriculum, but when they purport to be the sole factor in understanding the present, Black students are severely shortchanged.

Are all white students supposed to feel guilty for the past?  In the final analysis, that seems to be the ultimate goal.  But they are not responsible.  Nevertheless, they are being pressured to atone for events long ago.  I fail to see how critical race theory will improve matters.  If anything, it will cause resentment on the part of white students.

Rather than create black victimization, I say it’s time to focus on black accomplishments.  After all, Japanese were put in internment camps during World War II and yet they refuse to dwell on the past.  That’s why they have outperformed whites academically for decades.

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