Math curriculum framework is outrageous

If the proposed math curriculum framework in California is ratified by the state board of education, students will be so severely shortchanged that they will never recover (“California Leftists Try to Cancel Math Class,” The Wall Street Journal, May 19).  I don’t think that is hyperbole.

I take this alarmist view because the framework is obsessed with racial ideology.  For example, when teachers address students’ mistakes in math, they are engaging in a form of white supremacy.  Getting the right answer falls into the same category.  How is this going to help students when they enter the workplace?

What I find particularly unbelievable is that the framework rejects “ideas of natural gifts and talents.”  I wonder what its defenders would say about Amadeus Mozart or LeBron James?  They are virtuosos who were born with gifts. It’s time to accept that life is unfair. Everyone is good at something.  The goal should be to identify and then nurture such strengths.

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