Self-confidence comes from within

Our obsession with seeing every aspect of education through the lens of race ultimately does a disservice, particularly to those young people it is supposed to help.  A brown student who is a senior at the Trinity School in New York City says that she and other students of color cannot “engage completely with their education or with each other” if they don’t feel safe (“Why schools must see students’ race,” New York Daily News, May 15).

I don’t know if she is referring to her physical safety or to her psychological wellness.  If the former, then I’d like to know why many students oppose the presence of security officers on campus.  If the latter, then I’d suggest that she look inward. No school can provide a climate that guarantees all students, regardless of color, will always feel competent.

Parents are responsible for nurturing their children so that they are resilient in facing what life has to offer.  Schools can do only so much. Critical race theory promises far more than it can possibly deliver along that line.

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