Cheating is ubiquitous

Remote learning is being blamed for the rash of cheating on campuses across the country (“Cheating at School Is Easier Than Ever – and It’s Rampant,” The Wall Street Journal, May 13). There is some truth to that explanation, but I think there is another more fundamental reason.

Students today are spending big bucks for a college degree.  As a result, they see themselves entitled to a good grade.  If that means cheating, so be it.  There have always been students, of course, who have cheated even when the cost of college was much lower, but they were outliers.  Students now have jumped through so many hoops to be admitted and have assumed heavy debt to finance their education. Therefore, they believe it is their right to get a top grade.

What they don’t understand is that they are the ultimate victims of cheating.  When they enter the workplace, they will be called upon to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.  If they can’t deliver, they won’t get the job or hold it for very long.

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