Teaching children to feel guilty

Requiring all schools to make Critical Race Theory the centerpiece of the curriculum will teach young children to feel guilty because of the color of their skin (“How L.A.’s Brentwood School Became a Battleground in the Culture Wars, Los Angeles Magazine, Apr. 19).  That may not be the intent, but it will be the result.

The Brentwood School, which is located only a few miles from the Getty Center, is a case in point. A student called it a “toxic racist cesspool for students of color, but an ivory tower for wealthy, white students.”  I have no objection to revising the curriculum to reflect changes in society, but doing so by making students of privilege feel guilty for what they are not responsible for is wrong.

I also question how students can be taught critical thinking if they are shamed for trying to express contrarian views.  That goes for all subjects – not just when race is the issue.

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