College admission based on personal essays

More and more colleges have eliminated the SAT and ACT for the purpose of admission because they claim standardized test scores are biased.  Instead, they are requiring applicants to submit a personal essay (“Inconvenient Facts for the War on Testing,” The Wall Street Journal, Apr. 6). 

I say the real reason is that grading of personal essays is more subjective, which allows them to increase racial diversity.  The truth is that not everyone is college material. That has nothing at all to do with race.  But colleges are dead set on engineering a racial mix regardless of students’ proven ability to handle rigorous academic work.

Since merit seemingly no longer matters, why not just admit everyone who applies, as in public high schools?  I’m being sarcastic now, but there will be a day when that may be the case. (To post a comment, click on the title of this blog.)

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