School superintendents can do only so much

Although school superintendents or chancellors have fancy titles, in truth they can do little to improve education quality.  But they most certainly can do a lot to degrade whatever quality exists.  I’m referring now to Richard Carranza, who announced his resignation as the chancellor of the New York City system (“Good riddance to Richard Carranza – the worst schools chancellor in NYC history,” New York Post, Feb. 27).

From the start, Carranza was obsessed with seeing racism in everything.  For example, his campaign to undermine the city’s exam schools that are the pride of the system would have been a disaster if he was successful. Students who lack the wherewithal would soon find themselves over their head. They would then either drop out or their teachers would have to lower standards to accommodate them.  Given Carranza’s agenda, it’s the latter that would follow.

New York City’s schools may not reflect the racial diversity of the city at large, but that does not mean they are segregated.  Many non-legal factors determine the racial enrollment of public schools.  It’s time to accept that reality.

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