Parental choice is not racist

Critics of parental choice argue that it is the enemy of equal educational opportunities, and therefore is undemocratic (“Discussing ‘A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door’: The Dismantling of Public Education and the Future of School,” National Education Policy Center, Jan. 19). Instead, they want all children to be in an environment that integrates those of different backgrounds.

But parents know what is best for their own children.  That has nothing at all to do with racism.  Black and Hispanic parents have the right to choose which school is a good fit as much as white and Asian parents.  Racism is a red herring.  Yet it is used repeatedly as a justification for abolishing parental choice.

Ethicists tell us that there is nothing at all wrong with putting the interests of one’s own children first.  In fact, it is their No. 1 responsibility.  How many parents are willing to sacrifice their own children on an ideological altar?

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