Anti-racism education goes too far

When KIPP charter schools announced that they were deleting their longtime slogan, “Work Hard, Be Nice,” the news set off a debate about the very purpose of education (“ ‘Anti-Racist’ Education Is Neither,” The American Mind, Dec. 18, 2020). Try as I may, I cannot understand why the slogan is considered prima facie evidence of racism.

What KIPP and other schools want is indoctrination – not education.  They see schools as places of ideological conditioning.  Anything that has proven in the past to be indispensable for upward mobility is seen as practicing whiteness.  I pity students who are subjected to such absurdity.  Yet it is spreading without any signs of abating.

The values and mores that form the foundation for our civilization are under attack.  Anyone who questions the dogma behind the anti-racist movement are labeled racists themselves.  As a result, rational debate is impossible.

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