Most teachers didn’t quit because of Covid-19

The media raised the specter of teachers retiring because of Covid-19, but that did not happen overall (“Teachers Said Covid-19 Would Drive Them to Quit. Did They?” Education Week, Nov. 10).  There are several explanations.

First, when teachers realized how much their benefits would be reduced by early retirement, most decided to stay put.  Second, the teaching force is becoming younger, which means they are less vulnerable.  Finally, some teachers remain totally dedicated to their students.

But I don’t think teaching will ever be the same even after a vaccine is available.  The pandemic has shown that remote learning is viable.  Although it can’t replace in-person instruction, it will gain popularity as teachers become more familiar with its potential.

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2 Replies to “Most teachers didn’t quit because of Covid-19”

  1. Even if virtual learning was as effective as in-class learning, the US will not opt for large scale virtual learning post-covid due to the parents’ need for the schools to provide childcare/supervision of the kids during the school day. Even with regard to high school kids, most parents would not want their high school kids to be home unchaperoned all day long.


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