No college statue is safe

Until now, most student demands to remove statues on campus were directed at those related to the Confederacy.  But a student group at Brown University aims at two Roman statues (“Brown University students want Roman statues removed because they promote ‘white supremacy,’ “the, Oct. 28).

It’s hard to understand why they believe the two statues represent white supremacy and colonialism. Roman Emperors Caesar Augustus and Marcus Aurelius were commissioned by the university as monuments to ancient Rome.  They were chosen for their artistic value.

The fact is that every statue reflects ideals and values that by today’s zeitgeist are controversial.  Rather than trying to topple them, college students should view them as historical figures.

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2 Replies to “No college statue is safe”

  1. Seems like Brown University is itself a much more important symbol of white supremacy than any particular chunk of granite. Perhaps all those Brown students who object to the Roman statues should withdraw from Brown and transfer to one of the HBCUs?


  2. Labor Lawyer: I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn’t students be devoting more of their time to their studies rather than protesting? Studies have shown that they graduate knowing less than their predecessors. Could that be because they are misdirecting their time and energy?


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