California community colleges get deserved aid

At a time when the nation’s attention is focused on four-year colleges and universities, the family foundation of Hyatt Hotels will give $100 million to California’s 116 community colleges over 20 years (“California Community Colleges Get $100 Million Gift for Financial Aid,” The Wall Street Journal, Oct. 21).  That’s a step in the right direction.

For too long, community colleges have been treated as second-class citizens in this country.  Yet they remain a bargain.  In California, tuition runs $46 a credit.  Yes, books, supplies and related expenses are extra, but students of all ages can get the education and training they want.

I remain convinced that earning a certificate or associate’s degree at a community college is a better option for many students than attending a four-year college or university. Let’s not forget that student debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

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