Catholic schools closings are a great loss

For generations, Catholic schools provided a quality education at an affordable price for countless children.  That’s why the permanent shuttering of some 150 parochial schools nationwide is so troubling (“Scores of Catholic Schools Won’t Be Reopening. Ever,” The New York Times, Sept. 6).

As I wrote in a letter to the editor that was published in The New York Times on Sept. 12, Catholic schools appeal to many non-Catholic families because they emphasize discipline and civility.  Other private schools do the same, but the tuition they charge is too high for low-income families.

The Catholic school curriculum is rooted in knowledge, eschewing the fads that characterize traditional public schools.  I’m referring now to the current fashion for teachers to be a “guide on the side, instead of a sage on the stage.”  Teachers exist primarily to communicate information. 

The success of Catholic schools to educate Black students even though their teachers are White refutes the claim that Black students learn best only when their teachers are Black.

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2 Replies to “Catholic schools closings are a great loss”

  1. Labor Lawyer: Public schools began to deteriorate when the Supreme Court held that students had due process rights in cases of discipline. This undermined in loco parentis. Since then, teachers have to walk on eggs when asserting their authority.


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