Virtual classrooms need to improve

Remote learning so far has been a huge disappointment (“Failure in the Virtual Classroom,” The Wall Street Journal, June 22).  Attendance has been spotty at best and student work turned in even worse.

But before writing off virtual classrooms as a total failure, it’s important to keep in mind that teachers were given little training in how to convert their lessons to the internet.  It’s little surprise, therefore, that the transition has fallen way short of expectations.  Nothing will ever take the place of what transpires when students learn face-to-face with a talented teacher.  That does not mean, however, that virtual instruction should be discarded.

The controversy is over how teachers can be supported going forward.  So much depends on how much money is available to bring teachers up to speed in the use of technology.  In any school, there will always be some teachers who are more savvy than others.  They should be given a pay boost if they are willing to mentor their colleagues.

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