Coronavirus bodes ill for the class of 2020

Until the coronavirus, graduating seniors seemed to have it made because of the white-hot job market (“The Class of 2020 Was Headed Into a Hot Job Market. Then Coronavirus hit,” The Wall Street Journal, Mar. 30). But the entire picture has dramatically and rapidly changed until many have given up even looking.

Which brings me to the reason for today’s column. Although it’s risky to generalize, I believe that job security will be a far more important factor in the years ahead not only for college grads but for all workers as well.  As bad as things are now, no federal, state or local employees have been laid off or have had their benefits cut.

That’s no small thing to consider going forward because I don’t think we’ve seen the last of such catastrophes.  They may not always be biological, but I think they are inevitable.  Yes, college grads in certain fields can certainly make far more money in the private sector, but they lack job security.  With health insurance and apartment rents showing no signs of curtailment, salaries alone will not be enough to attract and retain college grads.

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