Interpersonal element in classrooms is vanishing

In an attempt to prepare students for life after graduation, schools have become obsessed with technology (“More tech is the last thing our classrooms need,” New York Post, Jan. 31).  I don’t doubt its importance, but I submit that what students remember the most is the connection they have with their teachers.

For students who come from broken homes in particular, the need for an emotional bond is essential.  Their teachers often are the only positive adult figures they have in their lives. That’s a lesson we easily forget as pressure builds to post ever higher test scores.

In contrast, technology by its very nature requires that students work alone.  That largely minimizes the role that teachers play.  Working independently is essential, but how can we expect students to work collaboratively if we don’t provide them with the opportunity to do so when they are still in school?  Human interaction still is vital, no matter how much money we invest in the latest technology.

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