No race is a monolith

The disparity between the NAACP’s position on charter schools and the Democrats for Education Reform’s poll of black primary voters should come as no surprise (“Sanders Chooses Teachers Unions Over Black Voters,” The Wall Street Journal, May 22).  The former opposes charter schools, while the latter supports them.

But blacks are no more a monolith than any other racial group.  The split among Asians regarding the use of a single test for admission to New York City’s elite high schools is an example.  Yet we continue to think only in terms of groups, rather than in terms of individuals.  It’s why there is so much frustration and anger.

Charter schools serve as a lightning rod for the divide. The fact that black primary voters don’t agree with the NAACP should be no more news than if any national organization takes a position different from that of many of its members.

Parents of all races deserve the right to send their children to any school that they alone believe meets their unique needs and interests.

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