College admissions hypocrisy

A front-page story in the Los Angeles Times cites a denial from UCLA that it takes into account financial benefits to the university when determining who is admitted (“Admissions issues at UCLA noted in 2014,” Los Angeles Times, Apr. 14).  Coming on the heels of the scandal involving crosstown rival USC and other elite universities across the country, the claim is risible.

I say that because colleges and universities today more than ever are businesses.  Like all businesses, they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.  What school is going to refuse admission to a parent who gives them a multi-million dollar gift?  There are always strings attached to such matters.  Anyone who denies that has never been privy to what takes place behind closed doors in admissions offices.

In “The Price of Admissions,” Daniel Golden explained in detail how money talks.  It should be required reading for reformers who say they are aghast at the scandals reported by the media. Of course, lawmakers are the biggest hypocrites of all because they’re in office largely as a result of the money that made their election possible in the first place.

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